Please help with Defense+

I just installed CFP and Defense+ says it isn’t functioning properly and suggest running the diagnostics utility. When I run the diagnostic it says no installation problems found. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong? thank you for any help.

Its best to do a complete uninstall and reinstall. Sounds like a bad install. I use Revo Uninstall in advanced mode. When Comodo says reboot, dont and click next on Revo and delete the registry and program entries it finds. Be sure to only download Comodo from this site. Here link for Revo Uninstaller.

Thank you so much, that took care of it! The uninstaller is great also, thanks for the link and the help. I really appreciate it.

Your welcome. I love Revo. I use it all the time to uninstall anything. Just be sure to only delete the registry strings of that program your installing only.