Please help! - Windows 7 won't start after installing CIS

Good afternoon,

I’ve been using Comodo for the last 3 years, and today I bought myself a new laptop (Toshiba Portege R830), and of course the very first program I installed was CIS. After I did such, I rebooted and when the Windows 7 User login shows up I cannot submit my password to enter Windows (pressing the enter key or pressing the button). If I go to safe mode and remove the password, when the Windows come to the screen it won’t proceed and just freeze. I know it’s a problem with Comodo, because after restoring Windows to restore point made by Comodo before installing, I won’t have this problem anymore.

So, my question is, has anyone ever had such a problem and what can I do to solve it? I really love Comodo and I want to solve this issue. I have Windows 7 64 bit that came installed by Toshiba.

Thanks in advance.

it sounds like your computer is freezing. Let the computer be for a sec and see if you get logged in.

Unfortunately it doesnt log in at all. I just can’t find a plausible explanation for this. I really didn’t want to do a fresh install of the OS. Any ideas would be very welcomed.

It’s like no matter how many times I click on the button to accept my password, it just doesn’t work.

did the laptop come with any other security software already installed?

It came with McAfee but I uninstalled.
I just made a fresh install of Windows by using the Toshiba Recovery, and after all was done the first thing I did was to install Comodo. And, of course, after I installed and rebooted it, Windows wouldn’t start anymore! Why?

I just restored the system to the restore point created by the installer of Comodo, and Windows is working again. So the problem is definitely with Comodo. What can I do? I guess, that it’s with a big regret that I’ll have to start using another firewall. Oh ■■■■!

I found the solution!! Yay! Finally! So it’s an issue with the Toshiba Fingerprint Reader Program. If anyone out there has the same problem, the solution can be found here:;prev_next=prev. Just follow what the user uni85 says, and the problem shall be fixed for good. :))