Please help! Toshiba laptop not booting. (stops at MUP.sys)

Hy everybody,

My friend has a Toshiba laptop, specifically a ‘p105-s9722’ and recently it has stoped working. It is (was) running windows xp. Right now if I boot it normally, it will freeze at the loading screen (the one with the windows xp logo and black background) and after few minutes it will reboot. If I try to boot in safe mode it will freeze while loading MUP.sys (or after it, I dont know. MUP.sys is the last line)

Some background info…:

I don’ know if I was the one who broke it, but according to her, I was the last one seeing it working. What I did was running Ccleaner and reboot. After this running an offline defrag pass with perfect disk (the newest version). Up to this point everything was working fine, in fact it was faster then ever (with the quantity of ■■■■ on it before the cleanup this is not suprising). Next thing was running an ordinary defragmentation pass with perfect disk as the HDD was quite fragmented. I left the laptop there doing the defrag. This was the last time I see it working.

After 3 days they phoned me that the laptop is broken. Actually the same day I left it there, when they first looked at it everything was black and not responding, so they rebooted it which resulted in failure. Since then it cant boot.

I googled around about MUP.sys in case it has to do something with it and tried these advices so far:

-when it freezes at MUP.sys unplug the usb mouse. (not working)

-Try booting from the recovery disk that came with the laptop. (it couldn’t load fully, while loading the drivers the laptop suddenly reboots…)

-at this point it was really on my nerves…we tried to boot it from a normal winxp cd to try a recovery install (same as with the recovery disk, it rebooted while loading the drivers (:AGY) I couldn’t get to the point where I can select the recovery console.)

-take a linux distro livecd and try to boot with it. Unfortunately without tweeks it couldn’t boot either. I had to add the “noapic” parameter to boot it. Thankfully I managed to access the windows partition from linux and backup the critical user data found on it to a pendrive. Just to make it harder, the partitioning tool in linux resulted in an error message (I dont remember :() So If I wanted to install linux on it, it would came up with an error.

Im out of ideas. I don’t even know if this is hardware related or windows have f*cked itself in its own ■■■.
If it was my laptop I would take the drive out of it and plug it in to another PC but as it is not mine I wouldn’t dare touching the hardware, moreover Im not as familiar with laptops as desktop computers.

Any Ideas what else should I try next time I visit them?

I don’t know how to troubleshoot that. But you could try Testdisk.

LiveCDs like Gparted have this.

Or System Rescue CD (like a ‘swiss army knife’ for PCs)

When booting LiveCD’s, to make sure graphics work (or if you couldn’t make it work the first time), use the vesa driver. It’s never sharp, but it works. And for a recovery CD, who cares about pretty graphics anyway.

If it’s hardware though, i really don’t know :confused:
Just showing you some tools.

When you googled, did you find this?

I recently had similar problems with my sons laptop - so I tried the recovery disc I had made when we first got the laptop. It got between 8 and 15 minutes every time before it suddenly switched off. I asked a friend who works in IT and he said that when doing a system restore with the recobery disc laptops get very hot and sometimes even having them on the stands that are available does not provide enough cooling. He said to try again with a fan blowing at the laptop - amazingly this worked: the restore process completed and all now works fine.

I realize you may already have tried this but it is worth another ■■■■■ at the recovery disc but with a good fan to aid cooling.


Thank you very much guys!
Ill try them out ASAP. With systemrescuecd I tried some sort of disk check but it was painfully slow. Thats why I feel there is a chance of hardware failure too…

There are options available at the first prompt.
And CLI is much faster than GUI, only you have to read the instructions of course :slight_smile:

So, did you make any progress?

Hi Blas,

have you already tried booting your friend’s Toshiba Notebook from CD (Linux or an original XP install CD) by keeping “c” (on your keyboard) pressed down WHILST SWITCHING ON the machine?

Normally it should allow you to boot from CD, then. Afterwards, a thorough (not fast) disk format should help.
Because of left over, probably corrupted recovery partitions ondisk (Oh, I know, those non OEM CD editions) the format process might take a very long while. (Up to a few hours, indeed, it even might look as if the process hangs at certain stages). Why not watching TV and have yourself a couple of beers in the meantime?

If successful, you should be able to install the OS again, but probably no more from the so-called recovery CD (Maybe scratched or corrupt?).

You’ll probably need a working install CD from a friend to reanimate the whole thingie.

Cheers, friend. Hopes this helps.

PS: Don’t forget to remove ALL existing partitions before doing the format and new install, not just partition C: ! The others will, most certainly, have been corrupted as well…

Hi guys,

Testdisk did not return any disk error, but I was not able to edit the partitions from Gparted. We decided to format the whole disk. I installed ubuntu on it, and it worked ok except the wireless card.

Before this I had tried also pressing the c button while booting from the recovery disk, nothin happened beside the beeping noise, the boot sequence stoped at the screen reading “please wait”.

They also have a legit copy of windows xp sp2 but the problem is I can’t boot from it. After the drivers have loaded and the setup wizard should appear, the screen goes black with a cursor blinking in the top left corner. I have no idea why is this happening.

But maybe there is a clue: The same happens if I boot from any linux distro without the “noapic” parameter. The problem is I don’t know if there is a posibility to enter boot parameters if Im booting from a windows setup cd. AFAIK there isn’t any.

So right now we have a (hopefully) cleaned up disk, with ubuntu installed on it but without wireless. I have no idea what to do to make the windows cd to boot normally.

Thank you for your help so far


Also, did you try N.T.T.W.'s suggestion?

Linux is working ok except that I couldn’t make it see the wireless card. (strange as it is supported)
My problem is that the xp setup cd wont boot fully. And yes, I did try N.T.T.W.'s tip, thanks to that the laptop doesn’t reboot while loading the disk, only it just freezes with that black screen. Maybe I should try a bios update…

Just leave Ubuntu :slight_smile:
But yes, like the link suggests, perhaps a BIOS update is in order, don’t know.