Please help to uninstall!

When GB installed received this error “Error retrieving font size”. The text box won’t close and the uninstaller won’t work because I can’t exit GB. I tried the Comodo uninstall tool but perhaps I didn’t use it correctly. Please help, thank you!

Hi ratchet,
Try using the unofficial Uninstaller Tool for Comodo Products in Windows safe mode.

I did. That is what I meant when I said “Comodo uninstall tool”. I had to restore my system. Why would they “force” this on us? I did not see any way to opt out of the install!

Hi ratchet,
It has been mentioned before and I agree custom install it is a little obscure, but the option is there in [url=]installation step two custom install /url which then gives the custom options.
Sorry to hear that you had these issues.
Kind regards.

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Ah, well thank you! My brain is tech overloaded at the moment. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll disable W7’s firewall and service and try again. I’ve used Comodo FW on both XP and Vista without issue.