Please help this person before Comodo gets a bad reputation!

Thanks for the FYI. We can only help those who request it. Apparently, one of them doesn’t seem interested in reinstalling CFP and we don’t know if they have even seeked help yet. 88)

If you want it out of Security Center I think the solution is rather critical and that is format+reinstall, I spent over a month trying to get rid of the firewall with zero success although I was able to get the antivirus out of Security Center. Note: And this was with a tracked Total Uninstall installation when this happened!
1) To get CFP "out of Security Center", anyone can simply refresh Windows' repository directory 2) The only problems reported with CFP's uninstaller was on a very old beta version from what I've seen in this forum 3) I'm curious because MS hasn't even included CAVS into the Security Center yet. In fact, there have been many users who questioned why Comodo Antivirus isn't reported by the Security Center.

Ranting is one thing, but spreading false rumours is another.

From reading his post I don’t think he’s going to change his mind. Instead of trying to work through his issues with cpf and give the software a fair evaluation, and this is applicable with any software, he has “spat the dummy” and feels like having a rant.
During the last month I have been testing internet speeds and have uninstalled cpf and run windows firewall for a while. Both times I did this there were no problems with the uninstall. I gave the system a good check and there didn’t seem to be any traces left at all.
I have used 4 or 5 different firewalls over the years and all those had issues at one time or another. I like the look and feel of cpf and even for a very minor geek like me the reasonable ease of use and especially the support.
As one said “I guess I should have looked on their forum, but I was too ■■■■■■ off at the time.”

By the way , after finding that there was no difference, system or net, running cpf or winF a format and fresh install (8 hours of boredom) was the way to go. :THNK