Please help specific questions for utorrent and other questions as well

My ISP blocks seeding… I need to use a proxy to send requests with utorrent… how do I configure the firewall to allow this… Please let me know… I’m terrible with firewalls… also I have another question…How come I have to manually create rules for utorrent… I added it as a trusted application and my tracker reported that I was unconnectable… the utorrents port checker also failed… Now that I’ve added custom rules everything seems to be O.K… Any replies to my post would be greatly appreciated.

Yet another question of mine…
I just try to export my settings and it tells me error make sure you have enough rights for the path… I tried to export it to my the root of my storage drive and also my desktop. I am running windows vista… Sad What could be wrong?

One last question… After I disconnect from a torrent comodo still shows plenty of inbound connections… They are there even if I reboot my pc and am no longer connected to the torrent… Why is this?

Go here first. be sure your router/modem is port forwarded.

Answer to second question UAC (User Account Control) in Vista to export settings etc. you have to exit CPF3 and then right click on shortcut for CPF3 choose Run as Adminstrator even if you are running in Admin account.

Thanks for answering that. it worked.