I REALLY - need help on what rule to make for firewalL - I WANT TO BE VERY SECURE

i just newly installed winxp - reformatted because i was compromised.

I want to know what defense setting - please help

I have asked on other forum but everyone is stupid and does not answer

I am having trouble with boclean installed

aND how do i remove the - Remember my asnwer thing

PLEASE HELP! this is confusing

[attachment deleted by admin]

Someone tell me what to do

I need to secure my system

Come on! Thanks.

Internet is very dangerous - Professional criminal malware writer on all corners

Need assistance

First of CHILL. Stay out of Wilders. Comodo is working. If you want internet protection you should have a good av with a web shield. Read alll the sticky’s under important topics.

go to and ask them to install and configure your firewall!


But i want a very very secure firewalL

my firewall is installed

It is just not configured good i think

and the Defense

Secondly to fix BOClean simply go to D+\Advanced\Computer Security Polcy. Highlight Comodo Firewall Pro. Click on edit. Click on Protection settings. Click on Interprocess Memory Acesss and add BOClean from running processes. Comodo is secure.

I don’t see to add anything?

Do i add the .exe in bo clean folder

I need more clear

Dude relax. I gave you all you need to know. Open up Comodo and click on what I said.

bocore.exe or that other one

I remember once someone on some forum said to block

All incoming traffic - But allow outgoing - Because if you bnlock outgoing then you cannot communicate with other on the network

So like i block all incoming udp port 0-65556? i forgot thr ports lol

I want to know how to set the most secure firewall rule

I see BOCore and BOC426.EXE

uh lol?

Can someone please explain image control execution settigns

I only see .exe and .bat in files to check

What’s the MOST secure setting for it - i have it on aggressive - But the files the check are confusin

I want to have the most secure setting - Please help! (R)

I can’t play my mp3 in win media player

I get in the log this i got

[attachment deleted by admin]

Read this. You need to RELAX. All you need to do is install Comodo and leave it alone. It is the most secure firewall there is. Take time and read.

Nt100x, Do NOT double post, You already done Triple posts in these threads, PLEASE be patient, We are here to help EVERYONE, yes you are included off course! Follow Vettetech’s advice please… Read Important Topics.

If you have a specific problem, Please start a new thread. If your double posting/triple posting continues, I will close this thread permanently.



Follow Melih’s advice at post #3. It is free and you will then have it as secure as it can ever be!!