Please help!! PC doesn't recognize Comodo as my firewall......

[b]Please help!! PC doesn’t recognize Comodo as my firewall…

I keep having that red alert on the bottom right of my screen saying that i do not have a firewall installed, but i do!

Is it something I need to adjust in the settings? I dont want to click on I have a firewall and will monitor it myself.

I want to know my computer is being protected. I just got hijacked, slapped with viruses, spyware,the whole nine. My PC is VERY SLOW and I have the best of high speeds (so verizon says).

I dont get it. Someone please help me… :frowning:

Thank you all!! :wink:

P.S. (L)[/b]

Hi and welcome,

Does the following posts’ suggestions help in any way - particularly the one about restarting Windows Security Center:,211.0.html

What version of CPF is it? What other security software do you use - as some may block changes?


The reason might be that CPF is set to Allow All. Set it to custom or block all and see if it still do the “no firewall” thing.