Please Help Outgoing requests

I get outgoing request for programs trying to use Svchost (Through OLE) to access the internet.

The most recent one was for a process called memcard.exe that is used for my Dell Printer. For this memcard.exe request, the outgoing IP address was to Verizon on port 80. (Verizon is my dsl provider)

I can think of no reason why memcard.exe would attempt to connect to the internet. But it’s not just limited to memcard.exe. Other processes attempt to do the same thing. All my security tools indicate no malware. I’ve even run a few rootkit detectors that found nothing.

Of course, I denied the requset - it just didn’t seem right. But I don’t understand what is going on or why this happens. Hoping someone could comment.


Hi Mike,

It may be using background intellident service, which is hosted in svchost.exe, to update itself. Buld i would also deny such a request because svchost.exe should only be able to access for windows updates or make some DNS requests. Nothing more.