Please Help - "Network Firewall Not Functioning Properly" [RESOLVED]

Hi, I’m just very confused right now. I have had this great product for about a month or two now without a single error. Yesterday I had to do a system restore as a result of a major mistake I made, and after that had completed sucessfully Comodo is telling me “Network Firewall Not Functioning Properly”. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times, I have no other firewall, antivirus, or spyware software. Windows firewall is also disabled. I have also tried installing only the firewall, regularly and in safe mode all to no avail. I am just at a loss as to what could be wrong. I’ve been working with computers for a very long time, and still cannot see what could have messed this up. When I run diagnostics it says that there is no error in my installation. Any help or steps someone could give me I would really appreciate. I really love this software and I would hate to have to go to something else.

Just to give as much information as possible, I have checked the system log as instructed by a post I researched on this forum and I do see a few errors. A few of the numbers are: 7000,7001,7026. As to what this means, or how to correct something from this point, im unsure.

Operating System: Windows Xp Media Center edition (I believe 32 bit)
Computer Model: HP pavillion dv2000

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I think what is happening is that there are some leftover directories / files remaining on your computer when you uninstall CIS/CPF.

Please re- Uninstall CPF.

Reboot your machine.

Check and remove any of the following directories left on your computer.

C:/Program Files/Comodo

C:/Documents And Settings/All Users/Application Data/Comodo

C:/Documents And Settings/username/Application Data/Comodo

An alternative to this is to search your computer (including non-indexed areas) for anything called “comodo”

Remove those directories. Clean temp files with something like CCleaner from and remove any invalid registry entries. (You can also use CCleaner to remove the invalid entries).

Reboot your machine and re-install.

Hope this helps.


I may just have been lucky, but updating from the Miscellaneous tab (in spite of the summary screen reporting as up to date) seems to have solved the problem!!

Dell Computer running Vista Home Premium

Great to hear your issue is now resolved. Keep an eye out for the next release in a couple of weeks…

Anyway, I’ll mark RESOLVED and Lock this thread. If you need it opening just PM one of the online Mods or myself.