Please help me!

help i have this popups that i accidently downloaded and i just got comodo fire wall but i also said to the fire wall (you know when that messenge thing pops up and you can allow or deny in bottom right corner of the screen) i accidently pushed allow for the popup to come in and also i selected remember my answer HELPPP!!!

Changing the Allow Rules for this Advertising Popup (I take it it’s an Ad popup, but whatever type it is), isn’t your main concern at all. Getting rid of the offending Malware is your top priority because once it’s gone from your computer, the rule set will not matter anymore…will it.

What do the popups say?
Do they try to get you to go to a certain URL? (mouse-over will sometimes show the URL)
Is there anything new in your Add/Remove programs list that you do not recognize? If so, what is it called?
Can you list what your Startup Programs are?
What Operating System (OS) are you using, and what AntiVirus?

Just to let you know (and the Mod’s too) that some Malware can be Very difficult to remove and requires very technically skilled Anti-Malware experts with proper tools, of which I just happen to be…
But, I may need you to go to one of my Online Security Help sites for proper tool links and other items for you to read/use. These sites are ALL qualified and upstanding member sites of ASAP (Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals), and well known in the AV and AntiSpyware community.
Only if this nasty is of a difficult type will I ask you to go to, join, and post into my other site, otherwise we’ll look after it here if possible.


If you know what the application is that is causing the alerts, you can open Application Monitor, and find that entry. Then simply highlight and click Remove, then reboot your computer. That takes care of the first part of the problem.

If it is not an application, but a component that has been injected into another application, there should be an entry in your logs (Activity/Logs) at the time of the alert. The log entry (in the details) will show that the component (or components) happen to be; then you can open Component Monitor, find & remove those entries (or change to Block from Allow), and click Apply, then reboot. That would take care of the second part of the problem.

Once you reboot, be alert for more popups, which you will now choose Remember & Deny…

Knowing the components involved would help with the third part of the problem as well, which is what Chappy is discussing…

There is a section of this forum geared toward the removal of malware, where folks that know about such things can help you through that process. That section is here: Please be sure to read the “required information” sticky post.

Hope this helps,