please help me with the new version of Comodo v3

Hi please help me → The firewall has blocked 1 intrustion attempt(s) so far. <---- where can i see what Comodo blocked, where can i click to see it?

here is a picture of it:

In the old FREE version of Comodo it showed Comdo blocked UDP-flood, or TCP-Syn-Attack, but in this new version i dont know where to see what Comodo v3 blocked the hackers or the flood or something plz help me?

Currently there is not way to know for sure what got blocked in the logs in CFP3. The logs are still a work in progress I think.


But in the FREE version of Comodo firewall v2.4 i can see what Comdo blocked :frowning: ?
will it be an Upgrade/Update so i can see also in this new version 3Comodo??
and will there be so i can choose to install only the firewall without the Defense+ because i use Avira-AntiVir as Defense against viruses,trojans etc… ?

go to defense+
common tasks
view defense+ events
then press more

this shoudl give you all the logs u want to see


But i dont have Defense+ on-activated, because i already have an very good Antivirus for Hijackers, Trojans etc, and i thought Defense+ is for to protect against Trojans , Hijackers etc… is this correct?

Try Firewall/Common Tasks/ View Firewall Events/More button.

Defense+ has A-VSMART technology (patent pending) which Prevents any malware including rootkits! Whereas the legacy AV solutions detect and can only detect what they know. So a new malware goes unnoticed usually. Not so with A-VSMART!


but i do already have Avira-AntiVir and i am happy with that.
But how can i install only Comdo Firewall v3? and will i be safe from hackers with only firewall and without Defense+ ?

(:AGY) you know,i was wondering about the same thing,i even put up a post asking pretty much the same thing,in version 2.4 it showed what it block when i went to look at its logs.

but in this version V3 , i went to what this person told you to look and it showed nothing, so i went to this link(site) to test it for leeks and stuff.

and it passed all but one, zone alarm did the same thing passed all but one.
i think its because i have verizon DSL , the dsl box they gave me must have its own type of firewall.
or something. so i know this comodo v3 is working , but it dont show that when i look at the logs you looked at ,

:BNC will there be a fix for this ?.
i hope so.
its important.