Please help me to all expert.

Hi, i’m a total newbie with firewall and comodo.

recently i was trying to install a game to my pc, and it pop the question:
“Allow request”
“Block request”
“Treat request as”… Installer and application, window system, ISOLATE.

I pick the isolate not knowing what it is, and cfp now block everything on my computer, i have no access to everything. and thats including CFP.(or maybe i don’t know how to)
Try to uninstall it, but it say i have no access or permission to the drive(same goes to every other programme.)

Please teach to solve this, appreciate. (i’m using other computer to access internet cause Everything is block on that com now.)

I think you isolated ‘windows explorer’ (explorer.exe)

I think if you boot windows into ‘safe mode’, you should be able to
either edit the rule, or reinstall comodo over itself to reset it.

hi, thx for the reply, but i m below average joe on pc. how do i boot to safe mode?

manage to find the safe mode already. thank. i’ll try to figure out the rest myself. thank guys. close this thank you admin.

Hi Ginster,welcome to the forums,don`t worry we will do our best to sort this.

First off you may have set %windir%\explorer.exe as an Isolated application,to find out you first off need to boot into “Safe Mode”
To do this restart your computer but keep pressing the F8 key while starting.You should get several options,you need to choose boot into “Safe Mode”
When you have done this double click the CFP icon on your desktop to bring up the main option screen.
Next you need to select “Defence+” and then “Advanced”----->Now click on “Computer Security Policy”
You should now see a list of applications,highlight "%windir%\explorer.exe and then click “Edit”
Now put a check in the box “Use a pre-defined policy” and from the drop down select “Trusted Application”
APPLY to close all windows then re-boot

Let us know if this helps,

ps Any questions don`t hesitate to ask.