Please help me remove trojan-spy.win32.keylogger.aa

has infected my pc
ive tried everything to get rid of it
it keeps popping up saying window’s has blocked trojan-spy.win32.keylogger.aa
but both unblock and block buttons arent showing (faded out)
and only the find software button shows
but that tries to make me buy new software

Im rather confused since I don’t know much about computer’s at all
so ANY help
would be very greatly appreciated

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hi kakasuru (:WAV)
welcome to the forum

maybe you could check this out
what do i do if i’m infected?

This trojan ‘warning’ sounds like a by-product of one of the Winantivirus type rogue hijacks from what I read.The instructions in the following link appear to sort the problem:

Also you could try running Malwarebytes AntiMalware.It didn’t remove it at the time of that posting but it was a couple of months ago and MBAM is updated constantly.