please help me! - firewall blocking poker client

installed comodo firewall ages ago but it kept blocking poker client, removed it through Add/remove programs but my poker client still wont connect, have checked firewall settings and it still registers comodo even thou ive uninstalled it? any ideas??

Hey bobbydaz,
as I have never uninstalled Comodo Firewall myself I can only guess.
Maybe the firewall didn’t do a clean uninstall. You should check your HD for any Comodo files (using the search function) and your registry as well (search for: comodo, cpf, cmdagent, whatever you can think of - I don’t know for sure).
However, I doubt that uninstallng Comodo is the best idea as it provides a very good protection and with a proper rule set you shouldn’t have any problems running your poker client.
My advice: Reinstall Comodo firewall and everybody in this forum will help you set the proper rules.

Provided that you didn’t have any active AV or other security application running when you uninstalled the FW, all that should be left are some Legacy keys in the Registry. To delete those you’ll need to do a right-click and change the permissions. Sometimes,however, active AV and whatnot interfere with a proper install or uninstall, and can make strange things happen.

I seem to recall someone else have a poker problem; if I remember correctly, there were some inbound connections that had to be allowed…

Grampa is correct inthat if you reinstall the FW, we will gladly help you work thru any issues to get it up and running properly.