Please help me diagnose what went wrong.

Windows XP SP2
Updated with latest patches.

Fortrest Grand Security Sandbox

Ok I was trying to play an online game called “Swat 4” when ever I attempted to join a game server the Swat 4 application would load all the way but before the game would load the application would close with no warning/crash dump.
It just completely shut down the second it was about to join the server.
I am pretty sure I know what is going on, but second opinions are MORE then welcome.
Anyways, I decided to uninstall swat 4, I uninstalled the application and the built in uninstaller FAILED to remove any of the program.
Luckily I was using revo and it found the left overs and got rid of it for me, but this is the part that is interesting, atleast to me…
After Revo removed the app I closed it down and opened comodo and noticed an extra process in my process list, it was misexec.exe No big deal, regular windows program, so I terminated it with-in comodos Active process list.
When I did this comodo crashed, no idea why this coulda happened? I was offline at the time of the crash, here is the crash.dmp that was generated.
I uninstalled Swat 4-Fortres Grand Security-Comodo and reinstalled Comodo&Swat 4 with no Fortres sandbox, it seems to have fixed the issues but I just don’t know.
Can somebody take a look at this crash.dmp and try to explain to me what coulda made this occur?

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Thanks for the report and the minidump. Could you post the minidump here as well: BSODs: Please add your minidump files here ?