Please help me - AVG Internet Security Firewall + Comodo Firewall 8

Hi! I never before installed any Firewalls, so I’m not entirely sure how this works in this situation —> I have Antivirus - AVG Internet Security 2015, it has integrated Firewall that controlls my default Windows Firewall. Now I installed Comodo Firewall 8 and my question is: should I turn off Firewall in my AVG? If I turn off Firewall in my AVG that means my Default Windows Firewall is turned off and my Comodo Firewall is turned on instead of Default Windows Firewall? Is that what I should do? I’m confused because my AVG is showing me allert that my Firewall is turned off and saying I’m not protected, but when I open my Comodo Firewall is says that I’m protected… Please help!

Using TWO firewalls is NEVER recommended. One firewall only. (with the exception of a hardware based firewall)
You need to uninstall AVG Internet Security or Comodo Firewall 8.
Since you are using AVG Internet Security 8, which probably has anti virus and other anti-malware like protection built in, you should just simply uninstall Comodo Firewall 8.

Ok, but this sounds wierd to me, any other opinions please…? :frowning:

If you need to use both products, try AVG Antivirus 2015 (or AVG AntiVirus FREE 2015) and Comodo Firewall.

Well, anyone else here is free to correct me if the information I provided is incorrect. :wink:
Hearing you have “2” firewalls installed is as weird to me as hearing someone who installs “2” anti virus products in real time.
*In no way are you offered “double” the protection with “2” real time anti virus products. Same can be said about “2” software firewalls.
Think about it, if anything, having “2” of the same thing is either going to create a dead lock situation or a serious conflict and slow down of the system.
It’s something that you should never do and is a basic no no. :azn:

Best of luck! 8)

*The exception being “1” anti virus product that incorporates “2” or more engines within their own singular product.