Please help!!! It's doing it again!

I’m having an issue that I’ve already had before and wasn’t able to solve:
I’ve built up my system from scratch, installed CFP ( and AFTER that I installed Avast!
…and it has happened again. Avast’s try icon is not showing with Defense+ enabled (in any mode). When Defense+ is disabled, everything is o.k. I allowed every (avast).exe possible in Defense+ and even made ALWIL a trusted software vendor… but to no avail. I’m running out of ideas. A workaround that has always worked was to uninstall and then reinstall CFP but I don’t want to go through this process whenever I install a new software that needs to load at startup.
Any ideas would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

BTW. I’m running Windows XP Home SP2, with CFP and Avast!. No other security software (real-time or on demand) installed.
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase help!

The program that controls the icon is ashdisp.exe. Is it one of the programs you have set to “trusted”. Does task manager show it ashdisp.exe is still running, or has it crashed when the icon disappears. If it has crashed, you can simply start it again. What about the other Avast! programs; are they still running? Avast! doesn’t sign their software, so making them trusted does nothing.

Hey sded,
thanks for your quick and informative reply. ashdisp.exe is the only process that does not run when defense+ is enabled. All the others are running without a problem. ashdisp does not crash, it is simply not loaded ??? although it is allowed (even trusted) in defense+ ??? Beats me. I have un- and reinstalled CFP so now it’s working. However, I’d like to understand what I’m doing wrong.
Any further advice and ideas are more than welcome.

That is what I thought, however, CFP was able to read the signature from the process ashWebSv.exe ??? It’s all a mistery to me.
Thank you so much for your help and keep bringing up ideas and info, please.
grampa (:WAV)

If it happens again, just try starting ashdisp.exe manually. There are some problems that appear to be due to variations in the load sequence causing intererence between CFP and other programs, but haven’t seen a definitive explanation yet-maybe next version? Good for Avast! if they are signing their software now-didn’t know that. Glad you got it working; Ed.

How come I never thought of this. Splendid idea !
Thanks for your help.

This seems a reasonable explanation. For me this is happening with Avast! and CMF. I know that others had no problems with either one. But as no two computers are the same, it seems that must be the problem. Cheers m8.


Thanks again for your help.