Please, help, if you can! [Urgent]

Hi guys and girls.

One of my dogs ran away from home this early morning, but we just noticed he was missing when I asked for him! We have been looking all day for him, but so far nothing!

One of my relatives asked if it was possible to place his photographe on google, so that everytime anyone makes a search on google, his face would appear on the main page.

Is it possible? How can I do it?

Please, help. I’ll truly will be appreciated!!!

Edit: As soon as I posted this, a friend of ours told us he could place his potographe on his blog and advertise about it in all foruns he participates. For what he sees, a lot of people is visiting that article in the blog, so, hopefully, if the dog is well and people do see him, then I want to believe we will know something about it.


i didn’t see this topic before ???
any luck finding your dog? ???


This just appeared on unread posts. Sorry Dark, Ummm Any luck finding your dog?


No, he is not appeared so far.

We placed pictures in most common places, in the city kennel, in a blog from a friend (which had a lot of people visiting, but no replies, so no one, probably saw him), in a site related to missing animals, in one other kennel, which treats lost animals and gives them for adoption. Well, I don’t think there’s much we can do.

It was a odd disappearence. What we don’t (my family) understand is where he is. I mean, there are a few stray dogs around here, so I guess he would be hanging out with them, but no. We see him no where! We think someone just might have kept him and even saw the picture but won’t say anything.

The dog in question is a senior dog, but he is a hunting dog and near us lives a guy who’s a hunter. Who knows if when the dog ran away if he saw him and kept him. But we don’t know it for sure, so we can’t just go there and ask the guy.

Wherever he is, we just hope he is fine.

yeah, it’s sad to lose your dog (:SAD) i have 2 dogs when i was a kid, and my grampa give 'em to his friend >:(
and i had a tamagotchi once,i keep it in my pocket and forgot to fed it 88)

now i only have piggy dolls 88)

i hope your dog’s OK :-\

lol… What the heck!! ???


Just like an alien.

hey hey, this is about darkbutterfly’s dog >:(
err don’t know about other country, but in here some ppl eat dog :-X

Like you? Where do you live? Mars?