Please HELP: I deleted all of my nework rules

I have been having a problem visiting links that have been emailed to me. For some reason, I can no longer open links in Outlook Express. I must copy and paste the URL from my email client to the browser.

In a last ditch effort to fix this, I deleted all of my network rules. Then, I went back to the network montor and ran that. Now, I only have 2 network rules and feel like I am vulnerable. Please see attachment to see my network rules.

Can someone please tell me/show me what rules I need to set up? Or should I simply uninstall Comodo and do a reinstall?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi solo

pandlouk posted an FAQ on that here.

BTW There’s no need to feel vulnerable… you are vulnerable without that final Block & Log rule. :wink:

It would probably be better to delete your application rules for Outlook express and your browser. Now you should get popups when you use them. Maybe you need to go to security/advanced/misc and uncheck “do not show alerts for apps certified by comodo”.
You can also add them as trusted apps in security/tasks.
You can “scan for know apps…”.

Actually, it sounds more like the URLto is broken in OE or perhaps stolen by something else. Does clicking on a URL work in any program?

BTW In future, its probably best to test if CFP is causing a problem by setting CFPs Security Level to Allow All or even turning off the Network Monitor (or whatever), rather than deleting things.