PLEASE HELP! Error Retrieving Font Size

I have a problem with not being able to delete this font error message; this all happened when i uninstalled outdated version of Comodo firewall lastnight and installed new version with geekbuddy. I don’t need geekbuddy, but cannot delete it from my programs either. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling with updates several times and it’s not working. I contaced support and they had me do a system cleaner from comodo and that didn’t work either. Can anyone please help me in doing so, as this is annoying and I’m at my witts end. Thanks.

Same error for me - comes up about 8 times as GeekBuddy boots. It also comes up once if I exit GeekBuddy. I still haven’t found a way to not have GeekBuddy boot at Startup, even though it is not in my Startup list. It slows down bootup considerably as other things wont work while this series of messages remain unanswered. Gives me the…

Tech support asked me to uninstall GeekBuddy, download and install the latest version. I did. Same error!
They say it is caused by my having selected a custom font size for Windows. Now I consider this to be a reasonable choice and would suggest that the cause is GeekBuddy assuming this to be an error.
Anyway, they have sent this to ‘developers’. It should be OK when a new release comes out - hopefully the next one and hopefully pretty soon.

I wasn’t about to wait forever for an update. I was told from another forum to unistall via safe mode and it worked. I should have never included geekbuddy in upgrading the Comodo Firewall upgrade. Hope this helps all the other people that are frustrated as I was. Good Luck!