Please help- computer in a bad way. Operator almost computer illiterate

Hello out there.
Computer is running slowly. Every time I run a virus scan, nothing is found. There are never messages about new infections. I get popups and can’t tell if they are authentic. Don’t know whether to ignore them or close them. Downloaded system cleaner and when computer froze during uninstall, needed to be turned off. Computer could not come out of hibernation. Computer will not turn on without several attempts of turning on and off. Computer won’t tolerate reinstall of system cleaner. History of repeatedly installing and uninstalling virus scanners. Was unsure if I had downloaded a virus system instead. Once tried to download windows 7 while vista was still on there :-*. Yeah, I know. I can’t find windows 7 to remove it, if indeed install was successful. I get messages saying there is a new network and what should I name it. I think there is spyware on my computer and lots of viruses. Please be nice to me, I was just trying to fix it 88). I think I’m killing it :frowning:

I get popups and can't tell if they are authentic. Don't know whether to ignore them or close them
What software does that??

If it’s comodo, just go to “Defence +” click on “defense + settings” change it to “Clean PC Mode”
If it’s a browser (a program to surf the internet) just allow it. also allow jaucheck.exe (if it ever comes up, it checks for java updates)

s. Please be nice to me, I was just trying to fix it . I think I'm killing it
Don't worry, your just learning that all :-TU If it's the first time after installation the network connection pops up, depending on what version of windows and such, just click "home" or give the network connection a name (it's to go on the internet)

While I never personally seen your computer, but if you feel that your killing the computer (like deleting system files and such)

you should run this
Click on the “START” button ----> Click on “RUN” Type in:
sfc /scannow

also if you have the windows installation disc, run it. click on “repair” That way if anything got damaged, it’ll get fixed

Feel free to download ccleaner
Download CCleaner 5.84.9143 for Windows -
and run it about once a month (give or take)

It’s nice to see people that want to learn how to do stuff

You can also run hitman pro to see if your infected, if you want to be double sure that the computer is clean. If it’s not let us know :slight_smile:

Happy holidays :■■■■

If you’ve installed and uninstalled a lot of programs I’d advise running the registry cleaner in Comodo System Cleaner and defragging with a program like Auslogic’s Disk Defrag. Also, first running CCleaner would be a good idea.

Also, to ensure you’re not infected please see this.

Two other things, if you can download.

Hitman Pro


MBAM Download Malware Removal 2023 | Free Antivirus Scan & Virus Protection Tool

These are an essential part of my ‘toobox,’ along with a couple of other programs. If you’ve got bugs on your system, chances are they’ll find them.