PLEASE HELP, Comodo firewall messing with a game!!!

I have 3 questions today!

#1, since I installed Comodo, Planetside 2 will crash whenever I try to minimize it, it just turns into a black screen with a cursor, I can do NOTHING, but restart. Can I make Comodo ignore this game entirely? Because something Comodo is doing is causing this.

#2, Is Comodo really more lightweight, efficient, and secure than windows firewall? I can disable windows firewall with this installed, right?

#3, Is the Comodo secure DSN really faster and more secure?

That’s probably because your game is not whitelisted by Comodo…so it gets sandboxed, thus unsuable.
Please, can you locate the “.exe” of your game and send it to virustotal ?
Then, simply send the virustotal link here in order to make it whitelisted.
You can also manually add the “.exe” to the trusted files list, but of course the best would be to report it to Comodo via the forum for making it trusted so that everyone can benefit.
Once Comodo Firewall is installed, no need to keep Windows Firewall on…

Ok, I did that and whitelisted it an all the other .exe things that the game runs in the background. Will see if it helped.

Feel free to give a feedback if problem is solved or not.

Thank you sir, that worked perfectly!

Glad to help…You’re welcome :wink:

106 minutes from issue to resolution!!!

Kudos and thanks spywar!!

Ewen :slight_smile: