Please help - Comodo Firewall - apps / ports

I’m hoping that someone can help me out.

Using Comodo Firewall 5.9.221665.2197 and 3 programs (.exe) files need full access to ports 80 - http and 443 https. (Tray icon shows Defense+ as disabled)

I tried adding the 3 apps as trusted apps and the apps/ports are still blocked by the firewall. The exe’s cannot get out to the internet.

Nothing shows up in the firewall log.

All help is greatly appreciated


Can you provide a little more detail please. The name of the applications you wish to allow, with details of the settings you’re using for the firewall - look under firewall behaviour settings. A screenshot of your firewall Application rules would also help.

Unfortunately, the images you sent via PM didn’t really help very much. There’s nothing I can see in the firewall that would prevent any of the applications you mentioned from making a connection, with a suitable rule. It also seems you have other applications - firefox - making connections successfully. However, you do have some odd rules for the System process, but unless the applications you’re trying to run specifically require that process in some way, they shouldn’t have any effect.

Out of interest, what other security applications are you running? that shield icon in the system tray looks familiar…

Symantec Endpoint Protection

So you see no reason why the 3 programs can’t access ports 80 and 443?

There’s nothing in the Application rule you listed that would have any affect. So, unless you’re blocking outbound connections in your Global rules… More likely, the ‘problem’ is the result of using two security products simultaneously. Try disabling Endpoint Security.