Please help Comodo Cache Builder running always !!!


Have a problem on one off my computers Comodo Cache Builder starts when the computer is idle and thats okey.
The problem is that it never finishses. Running constantly and making my computer never going to sleep.

Is there any fix for this ?

Kind regards

Open CIS Task Manager and stop or pause it task.

Other than that we could look a bit further into this if you would like. Do you have other security programs running in the background? If you had other security programs installed in the past please run clean up tools for them to make sure there are no left overs. You can find a list with clean up tools here with Eset: ESET Knowledgebase . Does this make a difference?

I have already done this. I have read alot on the forum many people have this issue with Comodo Cache builder.

Thank you for helping.

The comodo cache builder is running but never finishes…

I had this myself a while ago, for me it was fixed by stopping the cache builder and then doing a full scan and rebooting, it may not fix it for you but it’s probably worth a try.

Install Comodo KillSwitch and restart cmdagent.exe from there, will work.

what worked for me was delating the comodo cache builder in windows scheduler and rebooting ;D

The cachebuilder did restart after boot. :-TU