Please help! = Allow / Block Window Disappears After 5 Seconds

Please help solve the problem: when I click “Settings> HIPS Application Control> Manage” and would like to see a list of allow / block, window disappears after 5 seconds and CAV rose.
I did not see a list of applications.
Advise how to fix the problem?

PS I know little English, so much, please write correctly, I was able to translate your message across Google- translator.
Thank you.

Hi mike-wheel

This is a known problem with CAV. It will be fixed as soon as the developers can get to it.


I initially thought that this virus.
You reassured me.
Thank you very much, John!

I add also that HIPS manage application control doesn’t save permanently
executables blocked by itself and modified by the user as allowed, or marked by user as safe.
I also tried to exclude the entire directory of executable interest me but Comodo beta blocked them anyway.
Comodo block some executables also if the HIPS is disabled.
The only way to run executable as “ftpserver.exe” and “nstflowlgcy.exe” is to
allow them every time into manage HIPS function but without exit windows.
Any suggestion ?

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Product Installation Date: 27-nov-2007
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