please forgive me, but wow.


it seems that with this newest version of Comodo Internet Security 4.1.150349.
yes it is or was the newest version of comodo that i got rid of as of yesterday.
been using it for 2 years now.

that it is blocking things that the older version were not blocking, things that are important to us, oh ,
like windows updates and getting connected and so on.

i had to un-install comodo , i really want it back , but not untill you fix all these obvious bugs every one is having ,

plus i’m hoping you will bring back the “clear log” button , for some reason it was bogging down comodo when i go to view log, why did you remove it ?, it was very useful.

this newest version of comodo is buggy , i sure hope you fix it soon, i never had a problem with the other versions.

or maybe i have a free version that is buggy.

what exactly is the newest version ?.

you update your product faster then you update the info and version on the comodo website, that is very silly of you given the fact that your always on top of things, that alone will scare people away confused.

comodo still rules

Neither do I with current version. :slight_smile:

i had to check the comodo program i downloaded and installed 2 days ago, i typed the wrong comodo version i had, lol, the newest free version i had installed 2 days ago was, “Comodo Internet Security 4.1.19277.920”, that is what i had to un-install, when they come out with a version after that one, i will give it another go at it.

i still wish they would bring back that “clear log” button

You can be more specific about your problems? Here MS updates, games, browsing, installing/uninstalling software, whatever works perfect fine.

But indeed they could bring back that clear logs button. :smiley: