Please fix unwanted Antivirus Scans

With Comodo 3.5 I would periodically look in the Firewall and Defense+ logs to see what has been happening.

Comodo 3.12 is very unfriendly. When I click Antivirus page top left icon I do not get the expected events like the Firewall page etc., instead I get a SCAN.

The only “good” thing about it is that it is such a nasty bite in the backside I do not fall in that trap again !


Hi Alan, could you clarify which area your clicking to get this to happen. As far as i know the layout hasn`t changed for anything so something could be awry.
Do you mean when your at the main Interface, and then click on the Antivirus section it starts scanning straight away?
You should get a page of common tasks(scanner settings, run a scan, view antivirus events, etc)


Experience with Firewall and Defense+ made me accustomed to events at top of left list.

To view Antivirus events my mouse automatically went to the top of the left list (as shown by my little hand)
and I clicked before I saw the horrible trap for the unwary,
and when I realised by mistake I had to read the text with each of the icons,
and only after reading 6 icons and text on the first 3 rows did I see that events were at the bottom of the left list.

My mistake for falling into a Comodo ■■■■■ trap ! !

n.b. I hesitate to cancel an unwanted scan. My first experience of Seconia was that after scanning C:\ it proceeded to trawl through all partitions on an external hard drive. I told Seconia to stop and it did.
I then found system/application event errors logged, and problems remained after rebooting.
Fortunately I first read the small print which said that before scanning it would automatically update Java for me - so first I created an Acronis backup image of C:. I only intended to be able to cancel any unwanted effects on Java, but fortuitously that enabled me to avoid re-installing Windows ! !


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I think the theory is that the most often used function would garner the prized top left position.

In D+ and the firewall, these would be the logs because the other options generally aren’t something you regularly access. However, in the AV section most people are going to want to run a scan, not check their AV events.


I yield.

You have a valid theory that will often apply for many people, but not for me.

In my case I only look in the logs if something unexpectedly fails to happen (or vice versa) and I then look in the Firewall and Defense+ logs to see if they blocked the action and why. Recently those logs failed to show the cause so I decided the new Antivrus remained a possibility, hence I clicked where I thought I would get the A.V. logs, and suffered the consequences.

I am always careful what I click on web-sites and emails.
I am learning to be more cautious with Comodo controls ! !


I understand your point. That’s the fun thing about trying to design a GUI. Everybody has different wants and needs. But in the end you need to try and streamline for the masses.

I guess the perfect GUI would be a user customizable one. Maybe one you could drag the icons around inside the GUI? Of course then you would run into someone trying to describe a problem they may be having and only end up confusing the issue by describing the steps taken to encounter the problem, yet they had heavily customized their GUI to the point that it’s difficult or impossible to follow their description.

There is no easy solution.