Please explain how to completely switch off anything except the firewall feature

Please explain how to completely switch off anything except the firewall feature.

Even if all is switched off, defense+ is not tamed.


Is a real firewall-only version planned?

No, at minimum your going to get Firewall & Defense+ (HIPS + Auto/Sandbox). There’s no point to firewall that can’t protect its own memory regions.

Protecting firewalls own memory and files is okay.

But modifying every executable (IMHO adding ADS and/or messing up timestamps is modifying) is unacceptable.

And what does Defense+ if executable files are on FAT32, no ADS - no protection?
If not, comodo already has a place to store information and does not need ADS.

Back to topic:
With version 8.1 desired behavior is not possible?

With next version

  • running amok ADS will be fixed?
  • ADS still used?
  • Defense+ for non comodo files could disabled?

Hello :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t recommend it.
But if you want to disable Comodo’s HIPS and Viruscope :

1 - Right click on the Comodo icon in your System Tray.
2 - Check whether “Advanced View” is checked or not.
3 - If so or after you’ve checked it, right click on the Comodo Tray Icon > HIPS > Settings
4 - Uncheck “Enable HIPS”
5 - Click on Viruscope (Left pane)
6 - Uncheck “Enable Viruscope”

You can find help regarding CIS on Comodo Internet Security, Antivirus protection, Firewall Software |Security Help
You can access this link right from CIS’ GUI (Question mark Top right > Online Help)


Already done, but comodo still inspects every executable (even on copying, not only on executing, see ADS bug).

It just amazes me that HIPS etc is also part of firewall and not only of antivirus.

I know protecting the firewalls engine itself is indispensable.
But if a firewall-only setup is provided, it should not cripple the entire system.

Maybe try deleting every HIPS “Protected Object”

Does not help.

Hope v8.2 is coming soon with at least ADS bug fixed.

No need for new features - please fix bugs.

In CIS 8.2 you will be able to disable File Source Tracking (which disables the creation of Alternate Data Streams) there is currently a public beta for it in the Beta section of the forum.


As Sanya stated above, you are now able to disable File Source Tracking with the Beta version. You may check below topic:

Kind Regards

Thanks for the feedback.

If I have the time I’ll try the beta.

ETA is still April 1st?