Please explain Comodo Firewall using Metaphors.

We are looking for Metaphors either using visual or text to explain how you view Comodo Firewall.

Please help us…


hmmm not easy so i begin with some poor text, that way people will see they can post better thing.

comodo FW users are people conscious of the actual internet situation, this is the reason why they know that they need the security solution they can’t find elsewhere. by using this app, u know that team coders behind this project is for now the leader in term of security.

question, don’t u think to give this app for free when u used it a lot and understand all the possibilities,(not my case yet), is just incredible?
give me an example of freeware in any domain, where u feel the same work level,
what was done is very problematic for others products in the same category
what i really think is that actually the best FW is a freeware.
if it was a shareware, of course i’d get it, it doesnt change the fact that it’s really the best protection.
my av failed 5 times with new malwares, your av too,
Defense+ alerts showed files were trying to do bad activity, bad like accessing high privileges, create dlls into sys32, modify regkeys to start the malware, accessing system files in memory to attach created dll,
that’s strange cause my AV got HIPS they say, HIPS doesnt mean the same thing for all it seems.
on the AV HIPS is a windows saying a new app is analyzed cause it’s the first time i launch it.
D+ is more how i see HIPS, i can see all dll the file wants to execute, all, i got full control over the code, if it’s ok, i allow alerts always one by one for unknow file until it appears on the screen.
in case of malware activity, i block the file my AV detected as safe.
i can post 5 files u’ll scan them and your AV will fail as some methods of packing when the av reverse to analyse, it got for results so many errors or a moutain of useless lines code like the scanner was turning around, anyway i’m not sure of what happens for the scanner except that for a 110KB file it takes 1min30 to scan, then no strange activity detected, what a ■■■■, the AV should inform the user it wasnt able to analyse it but as he scanned things during some time then found nothing, hop u got a new friend on your pc.

so your AV is a joke (mine too), u got (very important) with 36 online scanners.
and Defense+ is the ultimate gate between your system and a malware.
but there’s always a risk, lower than all those AVs
comodo says D+ can protect u from like 90% of malwares cause u can detect unknow ones.
your AV can detect what in fact? i don’t know
i wonder how many malwares i ran on my system with some AV and a FW without this great D+ security tool before i realise that comodo was the solution,
in fact, tests i ran showed that comodo was really better than all the rest.
question of logic, if u want to reduce your system contamination and take the lowest risks,
your AV needs D+, and the firewall part got all options to protect u the best way.
some tests u can see on some sites are strange, some products seem very good, but if u get flooded at 100mbits, it will take seconds to crash some product that is considered as a great FW…
it’s not against some team that i say that but if i could crash comodo the same way, would u still use it even with D+, without flood protection, your firewall is nothing if it crashes,
does anyone imagine a FW without that kind of protection?
hmmm, it’s not possible as it’s one problem known for xxxxx years.
in 2008, u can get FW product without anti-flood…
ok, and u got a color TV or some black&white TV ?
and in the firewall u can control any process, there’s a custom policy mode, what is perfect for me.
for the FW i don’t like the safemode, i need to control anything, so i delete all then i do my rules with alerts set to very high, so i know all things trying to connect the network.
so the firewall part seems very good, i got no prob with it, the log window is ■■■■, but it’s not that important.
and the fact that there’s no ip resolve is a good thing, cause it would just slow down the firewall.
about D+, it needs some improvments, what is known if u read the forum, but it’s allready my favorite security tool.
next build will be terrible, almost perfect,
competitors better not sleep too much, last comodo build is not tested on matousec, but why pay again as this build is certainly as good as the actual leader, possible better,
as the next build will not come immediatly, the actual build can be tested with matousec exploits, so we’ll see if we score the same, better, or lower than outpost and OA.
but as we’re comodo testers, if we score better, there will always people saying we’re not impartial in our tests, like usual.

sorry Melih about metaphors or simple sentences to explain my view, and for parts completly off topic,
but i wanted to explain why comodo is really the FW needed if u care about your system,
and sorry if my post is not perfectly clear, in french, it would be very clear, but my english is far away from my native language, i search my words to translate in english what i think in french, but i tried the best i can.

Got to go, sorry for the flood… :slight_smile:

The current flaming shield looks good (L)

Anyway If I had to choose a Metaphor I would use a gatekeeper.

ailef, at the risk of my reply being sent to the Forum Policy Violation Board, I must say:
Your post is very difficult to read.

It is obvious that there is much substance within your message, but getting to that substance is, quite frankly, a chore.

An entire post with sentences starting in lowercase?

Proper formatting would allow your case to be presented much more effectively.

A good starter before posting… ;D

After reading this:
Comodo is my sunshine! :smiley:

My son likens CFP to the meerkats that stand on patrol at the perimeter of a colony - ever vigilant btu aesthetically imperfect.

Another metaphor that would work for people who live in countries with common boundaries would be something about “border security” or “perimeter security”

Continuing the “shield” metaphor, Defense+ is the shield, the firewall is the moat.

Ewen :slight_smile:

excellent so far guys…
please continue with the metaphors.
Also pls try to explain what these metaphors mean (i know things could mean different things to different people, eg: I thought meerkats were cute :slight_smile: )



You’re right, the son is wrong.