Please ensure the VPN service is running (problem continued)

Hello again.

Same problem. After few days works it’s stopped. >:(
Now I have the same message when I starting application:

Failed to enable the COMODO VPN Adapter. The peer to peer connection could not be established. Please ensure the VPN service is running.

Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t help. Repairing doesn’t help. :cry:

Can somebody help me? :frowning:
What should I check to ensure that COMODO VPN Adapter can be enabled by the program?
Is it possible that COMODO System Cleaner can messed up something? :frowning:
Or maybe I should ask - how does EasyVPN works? What services besides theese from COMODO should be running.

Is there are anyone who had the same problem and manage to solve it completely?

I found one more thing. Maybe because of this, program doesn’t start properly.

When I start a program Vpnservice.exe from directory where EasyVPN is instaled, application very fast closes itself and creates a log file.
In that file there is a following information:

StartServiceCtrlDispatcher failed, error code = 427

Can somebody help me now?
Is there any solution for that?


    Please move to Unite to get this issue fixed.
    GA release will come soon.

Hej, :slight_smile:

Thank you Junhua for link to this version of easyvpn but unfortunatelly I still have the same issue - same error.

Do I need to prioritize network card or something?
I know that Comodo Unite MultiLogin Sertvice is enabled - checked it. Beside this service I have two more Comodo services running: Comodo Internet Security and System-Cleaner Service.

Any other ideas? Please?

I can check more and provide more info if anyone could help me with this problem.