Please email/phone your ISP and ask them to distribute Comodo Firewall

Your ISP should play a role in making sure that all the PCs are secure! Its in their interest to secure PCs as they are the ones who have to deal with spyware, virus etc when their users get infected!

ISPs might not be aware of Comodo’s initiative offering all desktop security for free! Please let them know and urge them to start distributing Comodo desktop security products to their customers!

We need your help to do that! Please email them, phone them until they start distributing Comodo products! They will be grateful to you for making them do it!


Hey. I wanna say that I quite love testing security products and I am very happy, that you offer such great firewall. I had problems with version 2.4, but version 3 is great on my laptop. When I read your replies on forum Melih, I got that warm feeling, that you respect and care about our safety and opinion, and therefore I was positively surprised. I am only an ordinary student, but I have written some articles about security products to my schoolmates at college, to inform them about threats, safe surfing etc… and I have highly recommended your firewall. Now I will probably recommend it even more.
It is a good ideat what you suggested and I may really call my isp and tell them to offer your free product as downloads on their sites. Wanna contribute a bit…
Unfortunately I do not know much about antivirus and bho you offer, though I read some reviews. It was said that bho is not very good, but I believe you more, and will gladly read this forum about other products your offer. I do not care if they are superb or not, if they are made with the conscious of unselfishly helping people staying secure online, they are worth using them.
So final words ROCK ON and develop effective products onward
greetings from a student from EUROPE-SLOVENIA (:HUG)

p.s. I also appreciate the respective way, people communicate on these sites. great

hi Asker

Thank you for your help. we really appreciate it.

Tried to tell my ISP about Comodo today but… They didn’t seem to care about their customers PC’s security >:( But i’ll still try and bug them another day. (B)

Thank you Goose17!

If we keep telling them, they will get it one day!
Some people need more education than the others :slight_smile: so keep educating them pls :slight_smile:


I know that there hasn’t been much posts in this part of the forum lately, but I just want to say when I phoned my ISP I got some Indian guy who probably only knew 5 English words (“How may I help you?”). I tried two more times, but still I couldn’t understand what they were saying. So I emailed them and after about one week, they replied and said that they don’t take feedback on things like that.

So, as you can see, this is a very user-friendly ISP. (:AGY)

P.S. I hate it when companies out-source help desks to India or other foreign countries.

Thank you for trying Jeremy. We really appreciate it.


I don’t know if this topic is still alive (If it is please post) but should we make a standard email to spread?