please Don't Put Any Chinese Software Company into trust list

I’m from china. In china we all know, native softwares, the more they being use, the more backdoor they have. They will always monitoring user’s filesystem(like Tencent QQ), influence other software like Simeone software(like Tencent QQ), bitting each other.(like 360 prevent Tencent QQ from working in early this year)
Most worst is, “Tencent QQ” are the primary target of virus,trojan and spy.If this software are safe,then no securityware is need any more.

please remove following company from the trust list:

Tencent Techology(Shenzhen) Company Limited
Kingsoft Security Co.Ltd

I seeking forward to the result.

Agree but meh I’m aware there’s no 100% security. The least for desktop PC.

As long as they don’t destroy my PC or install malware. Can have a look. Nothing interesting anyway.

Thanks and congratulations for being straightforward, if any other people said this would be labeled as racist or other ignorant statement, but this is truth, china, israel are the most government-oriented-spyware developers I know.

That’s what i’m saying, COMODO PLEASE UNDERSTAND your product is a HIPS get over it you will never get it silent enough, stop whitelisting every ■■■■ thing you can find in the internet or every single app someone asks for!! :-TD !ot!

You guys are taking a great software and dumbing it down!

An option to not import white-list for certain countries that is well known for all its malware would be a good idea, chances that i will be using ex. Chinese software is very low, and it will probably be more likely to be malware anyway.

Some Chinese software is getting pretty good. Qihoo was only .2% points behind Avira in latest Dynamic whole product test (which beat Sophos, AVG, Webroot, McAfee, PC Tools and K7).
Although I have to add that besides that I know almost nothing about Qihoo and for the record No I do not work for them.
Given what I’ve heard and seen I don’t generally trust a lot of software made in Asia generally (with a few exceptions)… I mean come on how many times have we heard stories?

I do agree that the whitelist does need to be mantained carefully and not made as long as my arm…Whitelist the well known software and firms and leave the rest up to the user (look at the list or known venders next time you have time it’s really long)

What’s the problem with Kingsoft?

I don’t like their ways of black mouth each other but biting each other is not a reason to remove a vendor from white list.

We should also differentiate black door from vulnerable bugs. Adobe’s flash and sun’s java also be used extensively by malwares. Should they be removed from white list too?

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I agree but I doubt we’ll be seeing any of this… the best is dumb down the whitelist ourself.