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again proof that the default settings for CIS are useless and there should be at least a “first run wizard” or something like that, as I suggested a long time ago.

This is a test I just saw today, sorry it’s in German and it’s about MS Defender but you can see Comodo in the picture:

Every test is based on the default settings and as always CIS comes out really bad.
Down in the comments there is a user saying that CIS is very good in the hands of an experienced user and he is right but the tests are not based on experienced users.

It’s just hard to recommend CIS to anyone when “all over the Internet” there are tests saying CIS is bad… ??? ???
I use it for years and I’m very happy with it, it does what I want but the default settings are simply useless… ??? ???

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Dear LordRayden,

First of all, thank you very much for your valuable feedback. Here actually what we should think about is the difference between protection and detection. We should understand that the containtment technology offers you the full protection which you need at the very first start on your computer. Once you are infected and it is detected, it is too late :slight_smile:

Regarding the default settings, could you please give more detailed information about your problem on default settings?

Kind Regards

Hi Buket,

To be honest with you, it is a long time ago that I have seen the default settings from CIS, about the same time I made the suggestion for the Wizard…

As far as I remember the default settings tell CIS to do basically nothing, the tell it to trust everything and anything and to even suppress the Dialog Boxes (which in my opinion is dangerous). They tell CIS to upload suspicious files to the Cloud (which if you know that it will happen is Ok but if you don’t it will ring all alarm bells). Then if you get infected and the Dialog Boxes are suppressed you will get the Dialog to let a “Geek Buddy” clean your system (Clean from what? You didn’t get the box that you are infected). The cleaning from the “Geek Buddy” is good and bad at the same time. Off course it’s good to have a pro clean your system but he doesn’t know your system and his job is to only clean the Virus. In most cases after the cleaning is done you are left with a not working system (depending on what Virus it was). All of that just destroys the trust in CIS.

For me CIS is the best System I could get (and I have tested all of them), I does exactly what I want and what I tell it to do but if you don’t know what to tell it you have a problem.

As far as the test go, I see it like this:
There is a TV Show called Top Gear UK, it’s about cars, they have a “Test Track” and what they call a reasonably priced car. From time to time there are Formula 1 drivers as guests on the show and they drive that car around that track. That is something completely unique because the track is always the same and the car is always the same so the Lap Time is only based on the skillset of the driver. That is the only place where you can see how good the driver is and not how good the Tech Guys in the team are.

I see tests like the AV test the same way, the system is always the same, everyone has the same chance, the outcome is based on what the software can do and that again is based on the default settings and they don’t represent how great and powerfull the software is…

There is no other way to explain that CIS does so badly at tests (with default settings regardless if AV or Firewall) and does so well with us…

To be completely honest, I don’t care about the default settings because I always use my own but all the testers don’t, they install it, reboot and that’s it…


P.S. And yes on Top Gear the drivers always find an excuse why the did not do so well as the team members always find something with the tests but why? This Software is great there is no need for any excuse, it just needs to be set up right…

Pointing to a detection only test is not helpful to state your case. Here at the forums we all know and keep on asking Comodo to change the defaults or provide a wizard etc…

I actually think nothing is wrong with the default settings and the link above shows this. When it comes to real-word testing comodo got 100% when industry average is 97,1%. The second test(av-test reference set) is basically a system scan and i think that the antivirus engine alone is not the best part of comodo. I also agree that comodo could be a little lighter as the test shows. We can also see that it got -2 for false positives or blocked actions and that’s not really a surprise.

In my opinion the biggest mistake Comodo did was to make HIPS disabled by default. Novice users will never enable it. I saw some novice users at blogs criticizing Comodo for poor protection, but they did not change the default settings. If CIS has HUGE whitelist with software vendors from around the world, there is no need to disable HIPS in default, because a user will only see alerts if he plays with softwares from the dark side of the internet!

I totally agree…nothing wrong with default settings…default settings are good.
And there are advanced config for users who find default settings not good.

Ans as Mike mentioned Comodo score is 100% on real world testing. If you go by tests then this is the test you should look as all CIS modules are tested.

Scan test is just a module test of all the modules in the product.

In real world you dont run anything disabling all the modules except scan module, do you?

The layered approach is there in a product for a reason. Testing a module shows its effectiveness… Testing all the modules shows a products effectiveness in protecting a system.