Please disregard this topic.

Please disregard this post.

We are going to check it out and will get back to you shortly.

This false-positive has been fixed. Please check in virus signature database 3602
Thanks & regards

Have I got a false positive then as mine flagged up more or less the same name, and the numbers, apart from the last few been a bit different. was also install shield.something… will find name, and if it is not found by Malwarebytes and SAS it will eventually come up again on the ‘on access’ and I will report the location.

Also submitted it to you guys, before restoring it, so i can check with other programs with restore off.

Will Edit/Update soon with name and location.

PS- Got 18 different variations, same name, different location, apart from 1, which was exact same name as the OP reported. So I assume the rest, which were detected at same time as FP’s (one can only hope).