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Hi Tarantela

Is there an Firewall entry for gwflash.exe in CIS? If so, can you post a screen shot of the rule expanded. Also, it might be worth taking a look at your Global Rules as well, it’s the one set of rules that could override the individual application Firewall rules. Thanks.

Also, have you considered placing the Firewall into Training Mode, rather than disabling it, whilst you attempt the BIOS update? In theory, it should learn & create a rule for everything it does.

OK. A couple of things instantly jump out… (a) The blocks are for inbound connections, but the rules you posted are for outbound only. So, we need the screen shot of your Global Rules (which is probably performing the inbound blocks). And, (b) CIS is creating rules right down to the IP and Port level, which implies the Firewall Alert Frequency Level is set Very High. Is that intentional?

OK. Since it’s likely that the Firewall’s Global Rules are performing the inbound blocks, you need to post a screen shot of those. Thanks.

Sorry, I didn’t say why I suspect the Global Rules: It’s likely the Global Rules are performing the inbound blocks because CIS did not create any Application inbound rules whilst in Training Mode, which implies the inbound connections didn’t get that far (ie. stopped by the Global Rules).

Tarantela, you should take a look over here You might want to reconsider using @Bios.

It is random. I’ve used Gigabyte boards for years and always update the Bios if a need arises. I used @bios twice, first time was just fine, second time on a different board it killed it. Ever since then I’ve used qflash and never had any issues.

Well, it looks like (ignoring the BIOS update issue), that a combination of the Firewall Alert Frequency Level, the lack of inbound Application rules and that last Global Rule is stopping GigaByte from sending anything back. I guess a quick way to test this theory, is to temporarily change the final Block & Log Global Rule to an Allow rule & try it again. I think you should get an inbound alert against the application.

Note: It’s very late for me (04:30). So, I’ll either leave this to Quill or pick it up tomorrow… or rather later today.