Please disregard this topic.

Please disregard this post.

Before you went to Training Mode did you erase the pre existing rules for the Half Life related files? If not try this first.

From where did you disable D+? From the systray or from Defense + Settings? When you didn’t try from the latter please try this (require a reboot).

Then when the problem persists see if the D+ logs are of any help and post a screenshot of them here.

It is ridiculous of course D+ needs to disabled.

Talking about Half Life is talking about Steam usually. Are all Steam executables properly allowed, made part of My Own Safe Files and is Steam a Trusted Software Vendors?

In Proactive there should not be pending files. Make sure the Defense + slider is set to Safe Mode and not to Clean PC mode. May be you lowered it on occasion and forgot to put it back.

I guess the dll’s change for some reason. May be Steam injects them with something different every session.

With Installer or updater mode you will get a pop ups every couple of minutes though You will get no pop ups by making it Windows System Application.

Are there any clues to what is happening in the D+ logs? Could you show them here?

I will keep the topic open.

What I did was delete all rules related to TF2 and add Valve to the trusted vendors list. Then I put CIS in training mode and left it that way until I had actually played the game on a couple of servers. After quitting the game, I went back to my regular settings of Clean PC for D+ and safe mode for the firewall and it has worked ever since. I do still get pending files sometimes and often , they are ones I have already added to my safe files previously. This is just a minor annoyance though. I either add them again or just remove them.

I think what may be happening with the pending files is this. Since Steam updates itself almost every time you open it and TF2 also receives many updates, CIS treats the updated files as new ones. I notice that when I get the pending files that I had already added to my safe list, the ones I had added are no longer there. The only mode I will use for D+ is Clean PC. Anything higher on the slider than that has caused me problems that I found unacceptable.

I added to my post about why the pending files keep appearing. I’m not sure if it’s correct but it makes sense to me.

I just played it, neither steam nor tf2 had any updates and the same files were put on the pending list. The same files were no longer in my safe files either. So now I have no idea why it keeps happening. ???

Every time I play the game, those files are removed from my safe list. Why does that happen? It also happens with a file from World of Warcraft and that file is signed by Blizzard Entertainment which I have on my trusted vendors list.