Please develop a software firewall for mac os

A vew days back,i saw my mouse cursor move by itself.
Im behind a router with firewall and my mac firewall is on.
I have the latest updates for the os and installed apps.
I also use a anti virus program for mac.

My anti virus didnt detect the trojan and i tried a vew other anti virus programs for mac…all failed !!!
So i installed a network monitor,to see what was connecting to the internet.
Found 2 files connecting to the internet,wich i googled and didnt find anything about them(forgot the names)
I deleted them because i was angry and a bit in panic.
Forgot to submit them to the av companies.
This hack wouldnt have happened if i would have a good firewall for mac,like i use Comodo firewall on my windows machine.
So please develop one a.s.a.p.
The security through obscurity ticket is running out.