Please delete my account

I wish to have my account delete.

I am simply not interested in using Comodo on a brand new machine when it doesnt want to be installed (this installation does not support target platform) on a brand new windows 7 laptop. Especially after the million+ steps that are suggested for troubleshooting and diagnosing. Its a shame as Comodo worked for flawlessly on any other XP system that I installed it at. I just do not want to spend a few days troubleshooting this, don`t have the time.

So, my first post will also be my last.

Don`t bother asking to troubleshoot or asking me to confirm. Just delete the account.

sounds like you downloaded the wrong version, you tried to install the 32 bit version on a 64 bit operating system or vice versa. But becasue you don’t even care to have us help you it is your loss.