Please Continue! ^_^ About Skinning Tool

Hello, guys
COMODO had tested a skingnning tool for Firewall Pro last year.
However, tools like that never appeared again since upgrade to CIS 3.5.
I hope there could be this skinning tool again for CIS, that CIS fans could easily customize the skin of CIS.

To my understanding it still works for CIS… on the account it work’d for me for 3.9…
can anyone else comfirm this…

It’s really up to the users to change the GUI… Comodo makes it simple for the average joes… and for those not so average joes…

for the more advance/intermeddiate users who wants to modify or change the GUI, well use the tools and build… and upload/post your creation so other users can use it :slight_smile:


@ Jacob

I tried to use the skinning tool with CIS 3.9, but it failed to work.
Even I renamed cfp.theme to cfpres.dll, it’s still of no use.
Could you pls tell me how to make it working properly with CIS 3.9?