Please check if the cmdservice is still running

New install of openSUSE 12.3. All updates are installeed. Downnloaded COMODO AV and get the error…

“Failed to update the antivirus signature databaes. Please check if the cmdservice is still running”

I have searched here in the forums about cmdservice but found nothing.

Help will be appreciated…

tia hey-bro

Not Ready For Prime Time

Have been waiting for a reply on this. But I guess COMODO will not work with linux. So I guess I will uninstall and try something else.

I have had the same problem too and I installed Clamav instead. It’s really a «basic» one and it is not as reactive as Comodo when I did the «eicar test» but I’m OK with it. I hear a lot about not worrying for virus as much on Linux system as Windows system.

Kind of wanted COMODO. There system seems much more conprehensive than ClamAV.
But there doesnt seem to be anyone here. Just us who are asking for some help, installing and configure.

I am knocking but nobody is home.