Please, check a hash of the applications in the Firewall Rules.

This is really a leak. See Comodo Firewall FAILED CHALeaktest.

Check of the hash for applications in the Firewall Rules must be present.

+100 Yes

Defense+ has this feature already…

What version?

all that im aware of but only if there is a rule in the computer security policy. the trusted files list uses file path

When I add an file to the trusted files list…
I have CIS 5.9

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It’s probably worth pointing out there are different sets of hash values at play here, there’s the actual file hash and there’s some sort of internal hash the CIS uses.

As an example install version 9 of firefox and check the hash table, then let it update to 9.0.1 and check the hash table again. (images) As can be seen, the hash values for the file are different but because the application is digitally signed as well as ‘trusted’ by CIS, no additional alerts are generated for the application following the upgrade.

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I told about hash checking of applications in the Firewall Rules not TFL.

+1, maybe optionaly