Please Change System Tray Animation Back to Old One!!!!

I just tried v3 Comodo Firewall. I had to uninstall it and go back to v2.4. I can’t stand the system tray animation icon that comes with v3.0. It’s terrible. I can’t even make out the green/red arrows that are supposedly moving up/down. It looks like a vibrating lint ball and the arrows don’t look like arrows.

I rely on seeing the red/green arrows to tell me if data is being transferred or not. With the animation that comes in v3.0, I can’t tell anything.

Please change the tray animation back to the one that’s in v2.4. Or at least, give us the option to use the v2.4 icon/animation.

Yes, please.

I too agree that the animation in v2.4 was nicer, but as user999 suggested, if enough people feel strongly about this what about allowing the user to choose between the old and the new icons/animation within v3.0 (if this is possible), just to please everybody?

Come on now.
You go back to old version because of a system tray icon?
No one can take you seriously if you change to old version of app just because of system tray icon, that is ludicrous.
I went back to old version but had to rush back to v3 because even with the flaws in v3 it is still FAR better to deal with those than the ones left in v2.4.
I add that Zonealarm had many severe bugs with its True Vector implementation for many months; CFP v3 so far show very little of those show-stopping bugs.

Comodo is doing a good job, even if they are a little weird; I trust Melih and his team to develop a great product.

I agree with axl that I too wouldn’t revert to a previous version of an application, solely because the icons had changed. To be fair though, I can also see user999’s point of view.

User999 did say that they were only trying v3.0 and never said that they were unhappy with v2.4 to start with. People have all sorts of reasons for choosing the applications they use, and look-and-feel comes into it.

In my case for example, I tried Online Armor but really hated the GUI. I far prefer the GUI in both COMODO versions to the one in OA. Does this mean that I wouldn’t use OA? No, not if I felt it was technically superior; but as with most people, the look-and-feel of an application is one of the factors that I take into account when deciding.

This is not just any type of application; this is a security application, so there must be some hierarchy of needs.
Are you going to argue with the locksmith that the best lock for your money does not match the color scheme in your living room?
Cosmetics should rank fairly low in a security application.

Come on, let’s not get fractious about this. My primary consideration for ANY application, not just security applications, is how well it performs its intended function. However, unless one product stands out above all others in this respect, there are always choices to be made and personal preferences regarding ease-of-use and look-and-feel do come into it when deciding between similarly ranked products.

Although I’m trialling v3.0, v2.4 didn’t cease to be an excellent firewall in its own right the moment v3.0 was released. Even if v3.0 is better than v2.4 that doesn’t suddenly make v2.4 insecure or a bad choice. I don’t think it’s always necessary to upgrade to the latest version of something just because it’s new; sometimes it’s better to wait a while until the initial teething problems have been ironed out. I’m still using Windows XP even though Vista has been around for a while now and is considered to be more secure than XP.

I’m not taking a position here about the merits of v3.0 versus v2.4. Maybe user999 did overreact to their initial impressions of v3.0 and I’m sure in time, they’ll come to appreciate what a great firewall v3.0 is. I just felt that your reply to user999 was unnecessarily harsh and could have been a little more understanding.

I do hope that users in this forum who prefer v3.0 to v2.4 are not going to start criticising other users who’ve decided, for whatever reason, that they want to stick with the older version. After all, as COMODO users we all appreciate and support what COMODO is doing to secure the desktop. :-TU

Best wishes


Yup. I have. Newer is not always better with software upgrades. I have no problems with CPF 2.4. I tried CPF 3.0 but I don’t care for the new GUI. Seems confusing or doesn’t give me an instant indication of the degree of protection I have like in v2.4… and as you already know, I hate the system tray icon . I’m sure v3 firewall works great. But IMO, it should be easy to include the option for users to choose which icon/animation they want. And as far as Comodo is concerned, anything that turns a user off to using their latest version of their firewall should be taken into consideration, no matter how trivial it may seem.

On one machine I have no intention of upgrading to 3.0 due to it’s icon, on another I have no intention to converting to Comodo due to 3.0’s icon. If you want to dismiss it as unimportant that’s fine but that’s not an argument that will make me want to switch from what I have.

Well, fortunately the obnoxious and heinous system tray animation won’t prevent CFP v3 from placing number 1 on the next set of matousec’s anti-leak tests, and being number 1 on those tests IS an argument that will cause MANY to want to switch.