Please can you tell me if the following programs are safe or not?

Hello, I use windows 7 ultimate x64 and I have the following software installed:


  • Power iso

  • virtual dj

  • blender

  • notepad ++

  • video converter and downloader from freemake

  • free download manager

  • hp simple pss

  • google earth

-eclipse (android sdk)

  • Ollydbg (windows debugger) - 32 bit

  • resource hacker by angus jhonson

  • hex workshop (hex editor).

  • Audicity

  • sony vages pro 12 platinum or studi (everything) - avg detected a spy ware in that software and says that there may be a risk of a remote attacker.
    Once comodo also found some malware but I did not delete it because I had to use that software. Comodo and trend micro say that a remot attacker has patched that file (vages.exe) so that they gain access to my pc.

  • open office

  • micrsoft office

– mozzila firefox

  • google chrome. - avg again alerted me that google people who are making use of people to buy there software are spying on pc’s not sure true or not.

  • wndows server

  • oracle virtual box.

Just say a no or yes besides each software thanks.

Google Earth, Open Office, Microsoft Office, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome is probably safe, and Oracle Virtual Box is safe. To find any malware scan with Malwarebytes and HitmanPro. Malwarebytes will remove malware for free and HitmanPro comes with a 30 day free trial. If there are any files which you want to check upload them to This website scans files with 50 antivirus engines and will help you know if they are malware. If 40/50 detect a file as malware then avoid it. If there are a only 5/50 detecting a file as malware it may be safe to use. Run Comodo Internet Security (its free) and set the behavior blocker to limited. Also, setting the firewall to block connections will block unwanted outgoing traffic. This will stop hackers from stealing your data through malware. If you have any more questions feel free to post again. :slight_smile:

Note: Make sure to scan will Malwarebytes and remove the malware. Sounds like you are infected if AVG, Comodo, and Trend Micro found malware.

Hey if you set the comodo internet security firewall to max, then the internet will not work because svchost.exe etc, will not be allowed through.

Do you mean the “block all” mode in comodo IS free version???

That just makes you not browse the internet and disables the user from using their web browser for a while because it stops all internet or network activity. I did that once and all alerts were stoped. I can set it to custom policy mode and that may give me lots of alerts but if I answere one to block, say svchost.exe or something, my internet will stop working.

Also if I use the defense and set that to max then my apps may not work. So if I leave the options to " limit the number of requests for alerts" then is that good idea?

It only blocks untrusted files in that mode. I am accessing the internet right now with that setting. To enable that setting go to advanced settings in Comodo Internet Security. You will see a box which says “Do NOT show popup alerts.” Hit “Block requests.” You can create rules to allow any untrusted program to access the internet.