PLEASE... AV Scans of Network Drives

With everything going to NAS, doesn’t this make sense…?? PLEASE!!! Would live to see…

Thank you.

Not got NAS yet, but will be doing so at some point very soon, so was not aware of this… If this is the case then I agree it should be done.


And welcome to the community/forum btw OP ;D

When i access a share that contains a “virus” i get an alert, are you talking about a manual scan?

NAS are dedicated servers with disk space available through the network…same thing as a shared folder on windows basically, and that already works, though you don’t seem to be able to create a new scan for those folders, unless you “mount” them as a network drive (which should be how NAS drives are used in the client system anyway).
So I can’t see the problem here.