PLEASE ... American people, DO something beautiful

WTF… this is just a small selection of our latest news over here in Europe. I don’t really envy anyone who wants to further live in such a non-world:
If you can’t read German, maybe use one of those rather ■■■■■■ translation proggies out there and / or learn German.,10808018,28401734.html

Dear citizens of the United States of America, not just all of you COMODO users out there:

Honestly, those rather “unbelievable” things (sad, but true) obviously being perpetrated until this very moment (yes, watch me further, dear NSA) in YOUR very name, [well - what could I possibly ask of you?]
Those things HAVE to stop.
If you’re thinking otherwise, well then… I’m TOTALLY losing my faith in mankind at this very moment.

Are you, dear Americans - secretly - taking pics and movies of your best friends whilst them being in private, and are you, dear members of this board? I guess (at least hope) not.

If it’s ok for you what’s going on in our days, then, please dear “hard working” NSA members, send me some pics of yourselves and your girl- / boyfriends (given there are any female NSA workers as well) to show all them pictures of you to MY friends.

Seems like mankind already has lost something very important. :frowning:
It’s seemingly deteriorating.

I don’t really intend to go any further “into” that by now.

Yet, IMHO anyone who is part of this (and I guess that’s many people) ghastly project should RETHINK all of his / her DOINGS.

And yes, Melih, I promised to return, well, here I am…

Now, THIS is (hopefully) a thing that doesn’t divide the majority of the people worldwide?

This MUST NOT go on. And then, only the American people are able to STOP that.

I hope they’ll rethink, they’ll recollect all their human dignity and pride and finally gather to put a distinct end to that very shameful chapter of “US history” very quickly.

So many men and women. So little “resistance” atm. :frowning:
But I won’t ever lose hope til my last day is done.

Cheers and greetings from good / bad ol’ Germany, REBOL.
Crying atm.