Please advise an idiot

Hello, I’m using Comodo v3.I know very little about firewalls,yet when I installed, I seem to remember opting for advanced features instead of basic firewall(idiot). Anyway ,Ive just installed a program called Snagit.During installation of Snagit I had to click allow ( with remember this, checked ) 83 times.Is there anything I can do, to drastically cut down the number of these alerts.Any help would be very grateful.Thanks

Switch to install mode. There are two ways. First, when you double-click on the installer and you’re asked by Defense+ choose “treat as installer/updater”. D+ will then ask you if you want to switch to installation mode, choose yes. You’ll be prompted about switching back to the default mode, do so once the installation is made. Second, you can switch to installation mode at any time by clicking on “Switch to Installation Mode” in CFP’s summary.

Thanks for the speedy reply Japo, I will try that. Many thanks :slight_smile: