Please add "View Logs" & "Unrecognized Files" to tray icon's right click menu

Please consider adding “view logs” & “Unrecognized Files” to the tray icon’s right click menu. The reason why I ask this is so that it’s easier to view these menus without opening the main window. This would be useful for users who don’t want to use the widget and do not have a touch display.

I have added these to the widget but I voted yes as it’s another step forward in usability

Thanks, personally I don’t l don’t want to use the widget because it’s clashing with my Rainmeter theme.

I also use rainmeter ;D
Although not a full theme

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Lol I wish I could show you my desktop, but my pc crashed or rather winload errored a few days ago so I’m just getting my pc back to normal. You should check out a program called fences so you can hide your desktop icons by double clicking a blank spot, if you want, search google for fences free version

Thanks :-TU
never heard of this app before but will take a look
This is a tidied up version of my desktop lol :-TU :slight_smile:

I just had a quick look - defiantly got potential :slight_smile:
here’s the link if anyone else is interested

lol I didn’t fix up my rainmeter yet, but that’s fences

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haha, those images keep making my Comodo Dragon crash =P but I see from the thumbnails! ;D

Yeah lol maybe the images resolution is too high, if Dragon is based on Chrome it’s strange that it crashed.

Speaking of looks:

I’m really happy with the way COMODO looks now. I said in an older post that one of my friends said that the older version it looked like a fake AV. Also the this version actually feels like it’s protecting my PC. I questioned the older version because it would tell me there was an update after my pc returned from hibernate and it had a strange bug where the unrecognized file number would stay at 1, once it stayed at 53

Looks good :-TU
I will have a spin with it tomorrow
Thanks for sharing

No problem

A controversial subject indeed :o
People seem to either love it or really dislike it
I try to look underneath and I know it’s keeping my PC safe so I’m all good with it :wink:

Yeah, I feel more confident using this version, I just wish I didn’t have to go through so many menus to get to the logs etc, if they could add some of the summary things to the main screen it would be good, but from what I read it was designed with touch in mind.

I’m a fan of icons lol, the green check is a nice touch, but maybe it could actually be a button to do something instead of waste a lot of space, it does serve the purpose of telling about your security status though

Data and info’s are going to be added to the main GUI in future releases :-TU;msg649173#msg649173