Please add to base your antivirus

Hello dear developers!

Please add to the database file file inetmib1.dll dangerous because judging from the post on the hacker forum: _http: / / / showthread.php? T = 14781
This file is potentially dangerous and leads to the theft of electronic money webmoney

Hi vovkineu,

The external forum link you have mentioned is not exist at present.
The information is required for verification

The link you have mentioned

For the file name you have mentioned “inetmib1.dll”, Could please submit the file to us for further investigation.

For submission use this link:

-Chandra Mohan

Based on this site and others, this is a legit file


You really going to need to submit the infected file

or Use CIS

  1. open CIS menu
  2. click on the “misc” button
  3. click on “submit suspicious file”
  4. upload the file in question
  5. done