Please Add Memory Firewall Option in Future Releases

Howdy! I tried the latest version of CIS 3.9.957 etc. Ended up switching to the last version of 3.0. I really liked that during install, even though I ONLY wanted the Firewall, no Defense + etc, it still gave me the option to add leak protection. That was excellent.

The only element missing from my layered security suite is Buffer Overflow Protection. I tried downloading CMF, but it had a bug that caused 100% CPU usage. It would Hang like crazy and cause the internet connection to drop out frequently and the OS would freeze. I uninstalled it. Everything went back to normal.

I have no interest in the Safe Surf toolbar. I want CMF. I am told that in order to get CMF protection, I MUST enable Defense +. Why is it that in earlier versions, Leak protection was an option,but CMF isn’t?
CMF should be an option to add on during install same as Leak protection is in other versions.
CMF is a Firewall. Why should it now only be part of Defense +?

In a future release, I would greatly appreciate it if Comodo would separate what was and still is a standalone app and make it an option during install. I have no need for Defense + due to fact that I have AV and a Real-Time Antimalware w/ HIPS currently running. I don’t need HIPS on top of HIPS on top of HIPS! Just the world’s greatest Firewall with Leak and BO Protection.

Comodo, I hope you see this. Such an option would further bolster Comodo’s status as a place where one can get Fantastic software with a rare feature (BO Protection) that VERY FEW other consumer security software companies offer. I think many folks would switch from whatever Firewall they are currently using to CIS. Many of those folks would then opt to get the AV, etc.


CMF is in CIS

D+ > Advanced > Image Execution Control Setting > Detect shellcode Injections (i.e Buffer Overflow Protection)

About the separation of CMF, that may come in the future. However i would recomend you use CIS with D+ on.

You could disable the HIPS in the anti malware program. It would be hard to find a HIPS that measures up to Comodo’s Defense +.

You can uninstall the tool-bar after installing CMF. What program is causing the incompatibility with CMF?

As far as I know there are no ideas of splitting up CIS. I wouldn’t get my hopes too high about it…

One possibility is to enable Defense+, but then untick all of the activities to monitor in the monitor settings. Then you would have Defense+ enabled with just the buffer overflow protection.

I think it would be much better if the memory firewall was ‘promoted’ to being its own component instead of being tucked away as a part of Defense+.

Maybe in 4.0?

Should be install as add-ons for CIS.
Because some user didn’t use it.

WOW! I didn’t actually think Anyone would respond to this posting. Boy was I wrong. I’m happily shocked!!
I’d like to thank everyone who responded. Your opinions and advice were much appreciated.

But a special thanks goes to SLISO. I share your desire to see CMF promoted to being an option.
Your tactic to enable Defense + but then Disable all it’s protections was simple,yet Brilliant.
I will try that. Cool.

As for disabling the HIPS in my new Real-Time Antimalware with HIPS, turning off the HIPS component is not an option. Can’t be done. As I have posted earlier, my needs for a firewall are simple. Great Firewall, strong self-protection, leak protection, Buffer Overflow protection, ease of use. I’m not comfortable with a firewall doing part of an AV/AM job. I tried 3.9.957 etc recently with Proactive Security enabled. Smooth operation.
Though I had a hard time figuring everything out. I got frustrated. Tried Love it. Was going to stick with it, but with SLISO’S tactic for having my cake and eating it too, I will probably end up going to a later version of 3.8 with BO and try sliso’s strategy.

Thanks to all of you for your fine comments and advice. I’m smarter now.